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Hello Guys, is getting popular faster than we expected, the daily users are increasing rapidly. That's why we're going to need better and faster servers. We already bought it and started the transfer period. In the mean time you might face some laggings at the site and it might take couple of days. When the process is done will be faster than ever. Thanks for your understanding and enjoy your manga!!!

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  • •sh¡k¡•

    A short spoil if my memory doesnt mistakensung jinwoo will meet the former shadow monarch face to face and revealing the truth why did he choose him as his succesor

  • I Have Candy ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ

  • Mid Ñight Štàr

    well at first i though that guy was bit not good ...but he is a decent guy who help mc pretty much good ...but still he is bit dangerous tho ..haha

  • RandomJoe

    yao yao?

  • 12 Minutes ago Red Storm Manga

    around 215 the story just went south...