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  • shoggy srimp

    So it's supposed to come back in the past.... Ok then?

  • cherindesu

    oh oh.. i want my goodnight kiss too ! 🫣🫣🫣

  • shoggy srimp


  • DivineFist

    It doesnt have much Asss pulls like other OP MC manhwa's ...The MC of ToG Baam gradually becomes stronger which makes the journey much more enjoyable ..also the chemistry b/w his friend khun and giant allegator guy is hilarious. And Villains are done way better than other shiets i have read. The 10 Family heads are OP and SIU gradually introducing them. Also, if you're into waifu's it also has those too....Dont worry it doesnt have romance or anything but those girls do care about our boi. The Concept of different class is interesting ..The class system is very unique same goes for different power abilities. Just One WARNING !! there's a character called "RACHEL" she has to be the most hated bish ever. so, do not drop it jus cuz u hate her, keep reading...our boi will get over…

  • shoggy srimp

    My man's got the eternal drip boy, also it's been on for so long it just doesn't come off