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  • astrobigobaldo

    what is the corresponding novel chapter to this manga chapter?

  • SoulxHunter

    am i the only one who thinks the fairy tale and eden zero MC females are sexy

  • for real

    lemme know

  • Gamaskot

    The "cheat system" has become it's own genre now with growing numbers of titles that have it. Then there is a multiverse time-lines baked into it where it touches on god-like abilities. More specifically shaping events to try and create an intended goal. But after all of that he just wanted a mundane life of wife family and job? It is very underwhelming. I say I don't read novels or spoiler tags. Then you refer to a novel future of is son. sighs. All stories have to come to an end. However there are good - bad - inbetween ending. The conclusion is something that can be mistaken to be subjective but there are things that are objectively bad. Creative vision. Some people have it and move things forward. To explain some mangika have become famous from their titles, few…

  • Nedyaj