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  • James Tryand

  • Hichem Jouili

    that's the best concept a raid boss could have

  • Porter Batts

    Bro I'm dieing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 His awaken ability is do (what I tell ya)

  • Satou

    However he doesn’t know about the magic side of society. Which doesn’t appear to be a secret considering the police force is part of that society. The technology is modern and he notices that. But he doesn’t ever encounter any of that, even in passing or conversation? Does he attribute every dream beast attack to criminals? Cults and criminal societies to basic religion? I mean sure he definitely doesn’t have a TV but does he not socialize with his neighbors, old ladies at markets, read a newspaper?

  • Johnny609

    ooo. this is starting to get good.